Alex's Homerun Bar Mitzvah

Len and I have never had the opportunity to shoot  a mitzvah reception at a baseball stadium.  We did for the first time a few weeks back .....and it was AWESOME!!!! 

Alex's Bar Mitzvah reception was held at Potomac Nationals Park in Woodbridge, VA.  After shooting his sister's Bat Mitzvah a couple years prior, Len and I had built a report with the family.

The first time seeing the family since Sarah's event was when we all showed up at Beth El in Bethesda for the temple shoot.  I was blown away at how much these kids have grown in two years!  I literally had to do a double take.  Sarah was a beautiful girl when she was 13, but now at almost 16, with her braces are off, she held herself with much more confidence.  As a mother, this frightened me.  I want to keep my girls little forever!!! They will never be 16? Will they?!

Alex's guest for the reception were friends and family.  Kids and adults got in some batting practice, run the bases, and catch some balls in the out fields.  Dinner with catered upscale baseball game food along with classic old school desserts.  

I loved watching everyone having a great time.  The kids could hang out an play, dance, run around, eat. The adults could (and did do) the same thing.  

To close the night, there was a fireworks display.  Not a couple at the end of an no. This was a full 20 min fireworks display that would easily rival any town's 4th of July show.  

I'm so glad I got to be a part of this family's milestone event.  It's an event I will always remember